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Supanova was so much fun.
At first I was kind of bummed that all my friends flaked, but I don't think they would have liked it anyway. They would have been bored with all the people they didn't know talking about stuff they didn't like. I would have been too worried about them to enjoy myself.
I went with Marly though. We were definitely the hottest people there.

I saw Amber Benson and Adam Busch, who play Tara and Warren in Buffy.
She was really nice and I got a photo with her and she hugged me and said she liked my dress. I was just like :D and didn't say much. She's really pretty and her talk in the seminar room was fun, but people kept asking lame questions. I kind of thought she'd be like Tara, but she seems outgoing and less shy. She's also tiny. I was wearing heels, but she was still really tiny. She seemed tall in the show.
I didn't talk to Adam Busch, but he seemed like he was majorly bummed that he was there. Someone was talking to him, and they were like "So what have you been up to?", and he said "Um, I did this movie with Amber called Drones. It's about aliens in the office.", but imagine Warren saying it kind of sarcastic.

Hayden Panettiere was there signing and taking photos. I saw her, but didn't get her to sign anything because I didn't want to wait in line and she's not as awesome as Amber Benson.
I saw bits of Jhonen Vasquezs and Todd McFarlanes talk. Jhonen seemed pretty awesome, but I had shopping to do.

I bought a Max bobblyhead, from Where The Wild Things Are, the Cover to Cover Wonderwoman statue and various comics. I also got a couple of Stewart McKenny A3 prints. He was really nice! He even did a Batman picture for Indies birthday. Also, the lady who does Tiny Titans was there, and Marly charmed her and she did him a couple of Tiny Catmans.
We didn't even realise there was the artists alley until the end of the day, so I missed Nicola Scott who is my all time favourite comic book artist.
I saw her seminar with David Yardin though. DC vs. Marvel. It was good, but this guy kept hogging the microphone and asking lame questions. I wanted to ask her about girls in comics.

The worst part was the fans. I can totally understand why jocks are always beating up on then. Geeks are freaking annoying, man.
With their costumes that don't suit their body shape and their superior attitudes.
The anime fangirls were the worst, the squealing and GLOMPING and "FREE HUGS!"

I'll come back next year though.

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