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Watchmen was really good.
I was kind of bumming out because some of the reviews have been bad, and when we got there it was pretty much empty. The cinema was probably only filled 1/3, which is weird for Byron.
I think people might have had a problem with it because they were expecting it to be like The Dark Knight, with explosions and car chases and good and evil, you know?
I liked The Silhouette, even though it was a tiny part. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan was superfine, even as a rapist and in his old man make up. It would have been hard playing The Comedian. Because he shoots kids and pregnant women, but you still need to like him and feel sorry for him, but he did it really well. The characters were amazing, they were just so perfect. I think that's what really made it.
The sex scene was a little too much and the Nixon makeup was pretty bad.
I also thought the explosion was too weak. When I read the comic, I stopped at that bit because it was just too much for me. Everyone dead and the corpses littering the streets, you know? But in the movie it seemed too dull, and it didn't give you the proper impact that millions of people dying should. It seemed so hollow. The whole movie seemed a little hollow. It was so beautiful and the cast was so perfect and I can't see how anyone could do it better, but it didn't have the depth that the comic had.
I also felt that for people who hadn't read it, it would seem muddled. They didn't really explain anything. They didn't even explain the Keene Act. There's no sense of time and place, which are kind of important in Watchmen.

But yeah, overall it was really good. I liked it. I liked the characters and the music and the story and Dr. Manhattan's junk. I like Zack Snyder, I don't get why he's so unpopular with the fans. People treat him like Frank Miller.

Mostly though, I like that Alan Moore is such a jerk about it all.

I made some cupcakes for the night.

I wanted to make all the characters, but I didn't have time.